About Us

Pabla Indian Cuisine is one of the first Indian pure vegetarian restaurant in Renton. It has been in Renton since 1998, this is a family business originated in 1947 in India. We also have a full Restaurant and Bar in Issaquah Location. The owner Mr. Harnek Pabla from Modesto California has many years of experience in running such a establishment. His foods are pure vegetarian and has an authentic Indian taste. The meals are every bit as varied, exciting and satisfying as any meat entree.

However it is 100% meat, egg, smoking and alcohol free. Food can also be made without any diary products as our vegan friends like. Pabla Indian Cuisine is also a kosher restaurant and has kosher certification from the Va'ad HaRabanim of Seattle.

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Furthermore, we also do catering for any occasions, such as wedding, birthday and parties. You can select any vegetarian item from the menu, or can also tell us the vegetarian item you want to have and which is not in the menu. Call us on (425) 228-4625 or fax us on (425) 228-4629.

Grocery store: The restaurant also has a grocery store with diverse Indian pastries and spices. All sweets are delicious and fresh and which you can also order for catering.

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